Forever Bridal Bouquet

Forever Bridal Bouquet


This forever bouquet is made of sola wood flowers, that are dyed to you color palette. Along with dried, preserved, and bleached foliage. Including pampas, gypsophila, strawflower, everlasting statice, and more! Due to the nature of florals, not every bouquet is exactly the same. 

These bouquets are about 12" to 14" wide, with an asymmetric shape. 

The bridal bouquet also includes a macrame handle. Each order can take up to 3 weeks for dyeing, drying, and creating your floral design.

When bouquets are stored in a dry area and handled carefully, they last a lifetime! Florals come in a box and packaging that is safe for travel and storage.

This line has been designed for the boho bride that needs a bouquet that can travel easily, and who loves a keepsake from her special day.

If you need a rush order, please contact the shop owner.